Hoylake Methodist Church (St Luke’s) has existed on its present site since 1898. The first building to be erected was the present sports hall and in September 1897, as part of the construction, young people of the church laid the bricks which bear their initials – these can now be seen in front of the kitchen hatch in the Community Room.

The zeal of our Methodist forebears is clear from their decision to proceed to enlarge the building with the addition of a large worship space including a balcony and tower that had a spire. The stone-laying ceremony was on 29th June 1905 and the present ‘church’ was officially opened on 14th June 1906. The first building on the site became the church hall.

Various alterations and additions to the original building have been made over the years. In 1966 the Small Hall and Crèche room were added, while in 2006, the existing church and hall were bridged by the new Community Room, which provides a pleasing focal point for the church and has become well known in Hoylake – we are “the church with the glass front”.

The original 1898 building now serves as a sports hall and in our worship space, we have replaced the wooden pews with comfortable chairs.

Musically, we mix traditional hymns and organ music with modern worship songs, played on guitars and drums, in keeping with the diversity of our congregation on a Sunday.

We have a crèche for tots and the younger children are taught in TransformUs (our name for Junior Church) every Sunday, so there’s something for everyone!

Many of our members meet in small Life Groups on a weekly or fortnightly basis, to promote deeper Christian discipleship and pastoral care for each other through Bible study and other devotional activities, including prayer.

Additionally, St. Luke’s is in use throughout the week for a range of church or community-based events and you’ll find details elsewhere in this website.

After more than a century of service to the people of Hoylake, our objective remains unchanged – to be a welcoming community of believers who inspire each other and the world around us to live an authentic life of faith. As Methodists, we seek to become part of a “discipleship movement shaped for mission” and to work out what being a Christian means, in order to make a difference to the world.

We aim to be ‘A Family of Faith’ and we’d be delighted if you would join us!