First visit to St Luke’s? Answers to some practical questions:

Can I come to a service if I’m not a member?
Yes! We welcome people from all backgrounds; people who are Christians, people who are unsure, and those seeking faith, perhaps coming into a church for the very first time.

Will there be anywhere to park?
You can use the car park at St. Luke’s and there is free parking in the streets right by the church.

What do I have to wear?
Wear what you want to wear. You don’t have to dress a certain way.

Do I need to bring money?
No.  We have a freewill offering during the service but there is no obligation to contribute. When the offering bags are passed round, some of our members place cash in the bags, and you’ll see others using envelopes, containing their contribution to the church. Some will simply pass the bags on without putting anything in. (Many of our members have bank standing orders).

When I arrive, what will happen?
When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door by at least one of the Welcome Team. When you pass through the Community Room into the worship area, please feel free to sit wherever you like to wait for the service to begin and don’t be too surprised if other people come over to speak to you and sit with you. We hope they do so! This is part of our welcome to you.

Who do I ask if I have a question?
Please just ask anyone – we will be pleased to help with any query you may have.

If I come to a service, how will I know what to do? Do I have to sing?
Our worship services vary in style, mixing modern with the more traditional styles, reflecting the diversity in our congregation. The words of all songs or hymns are on a large audio visual screen, as is the chosen reading from the Bible. You do not have to sing. By all means just follow the words on screen. No one will mind. The page numbers for the Bible reading are also given, so you can follow the reading in the Bible if this suits you better. We will also have a time for prayer and a talk (or sermon). Those of us who can do so stand up to sing and also stand when the people who bring round the collection bags walk to the front. We remain standing then while a prayer is said. Apart from this, we usually pray in a seated position, not kneeling. You may well find that some people lift their arms in worship and we often celebrate with flags, sometimes have drama and more occasionally have dance.

What if I have children with me?
For younger children, age-specific bags of toys are available in a basket just as you enter the worship area. Most weeks families stay together in church during worship for the first 20 minutes. Then there is an opportunity for children to go to their own age-specific groups in crèche or TransformUs (our name for Junior Church), though parents are able to accompany their children if they need help to settle into the groups. We have a fully-staffed crèche for those aged 3 and under, while in TransformUs , which caters for children aged 4 – 14, we aim to have fun as we explore the Christian faith in ways that children enjoy. All our leaders and helpers have been subject to DBS checks and we operate a rigorous safeguarding policy at the church.

How long is the worship service?
Most worship services last about an hour – sometimes less, more often a little longer. This is the case when we have a Communion Service.

What if it’s a Holy Communion service?

All who wish to celebrate their love of Jesus are welcome to share in the bread and non-alcoholic wine. You do not have to be a member of the Methodist Church or even to have been baptised. The Communion table is Christ’s table and this celebration of Jesus’s Last Supper with his disciples is open to all to share. However, you may prefer not to receive the bread and the wine and simply opt to receive a blessing.

What happens if I need to go out?
One of our church stewards sits by the entrance to assist anyone leaving or coming late.

What happens after the worship ends?
Tea and coffee are served at no charge in the Community Room and we hope you’ll stop for a chat!

Information Pack
Please take one of the Information Packs which you will find in the Foyer of the Community Room (near the main Door). The pack contains details of many of our activities throughout the week, together with details of Sunday Worship.

Can I have a look round?
Please visit us at any time, or take a virtual tour by clicking into the image below: