As Christians, we believe we should work hard to be a blessing to the world, as we seek to share both the Gospel and to enhance the lives of everyone we meet or come into contact with.

Here at St. Luke’s, we have developed a range of Community Projects, where we strive to interact with people outside the church and to make a difference.

These include our Saturday Club, which caters for people with disability or special needs, Wirral FUSS (Free School Uniforms for Secondary Schools), which provides free uniforms, and Food & Friends, a weekly get-together every Friday lunchtime over a meal, aimed at helping those who might be seeking some friendship or support during difficult times.

Additionally, we host two Community Lunches, on the second Wednesday and the fourth Thursday of each month, where members of the “older generation” can meet up with friends and enjoy good food in pleasant surroundings.

Farther afield, more than 50 children, mainly from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, are sponsored by members of our church family through the Compassion project and lives are changed.

For more details of these various projects, please click on the appropriate link.